Everything you need to know about high-speed fold-up doors for industries

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In the industrial sector, efficiency and safety are two of the most important aspects for a company. In this context, choosing the best industrial doors for your logistics centers, warehouses, etc. can be vital to contribute to this success. This is why High-speed fold-up door have emerged as a versatile and effective solution for optimizing logistics processes and space management in industrial environments. In this article, we will explain what high-speed fold-up doors are, what are their advantages and some of the key features they have. We will also provide possible applications of the doors in various industries.

What are high-speed fold-up doors?

High-speed fold-up door are devices designed to facilitate the flow of people and goods in industrial environments, especially those with high traffic. This type of industrial doors are intended for intensive use, especially in buildings and areas with large dimensions.

These doors are characterized by their speed in opening and closing, as well as their ability to stack vertically when not in use. This design allows for efficient space management, optimizing workflows and minimizing waiting times.

Key features to consider when choosing high-speed fold-up doors

When choosing the right high-speed fold-up door for your company, it is important to consider the following technical features:

  • The door material allows for both indoor and outdoor use, with wind resistance class 2. The door's canvas is also highly resistant to tearing and traction (according to regulations).
  • The opening and closing speed makes it one of the fastest doors on the market, with a speed of 0.8 m/sec.
  • It has safety mechanisms that, in case of detecting any type of obstacle in its way, raises the door quickly to avoid accidents. In addition, in case of power failure, it also has a manual lifting system.

Advantages of high-speed fold-up doors in industrial environments

Below are some of the main benefits of Ferroflex High-Speed Doors in industrial environments:

  • Increased productivity: As mentioned above, one of the key features of this type of industrial doors is their speed in opening and closing. This feature speeds up the access and exit of vehicles and personnel, thereby reducing waiting times and optimizing logistics processes, avoiding bottlenecks.
  • Energy savings: Thanks to their design, high-speed fold-up doors contribute to maintaining the interior temperature of spaces, resulting in lower energy consumption and operating costs. It allows isolating different sections and work areas, conditioning, sectorizing and air conditioning large warehouses.
  • Industrial safety: The door detects possible interferences in the path of the fabric track, such as objects, machines or people, and opens automatically when it detects them. This system avoids possible accidents, in addition to securing the door against possible breakage or tearing.
  • Customization: In Ferroflex we adapt to the needs of your project and we have a variety of colors, peepholes, silkscreen printing on the customizable canvases, etc.

Applications and use in different industries

High-speed fold-up doors find applications in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Food industry: They facilitate the transport and storage of perishable products, keeping the cold chain intact and complying with safety standards.
  • Logistics and distribution: Streamline the flow of goods in warehouses and distribution centers, optimizing logistical efficiency and reducing delivery times.
  • Commerce: They allow fast and safe access to production and assembly areas, helping to improve productivity and quality in manufacturing.

In summary, high-speed fold-up doors represent a functional and efficient solution to improve productivity, safety and efficiency in industrial environments. By considering their advantages, technical features and practical applications, companies can make informed decisions to optimize their operations and stay competitive.

If you want to install high-speed fold-up doors in your industrial building, Ferroflex can offer you a customized solution to the needs of your company. Contact us and our team will advise you without obligation.

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