BIM solutions for industrial doors

Innovation, technology and quality are the three fundamental axes of our work, and with which we achieve the best solution in high-speed doors and industrial accesses for our customers.

3D model for Feroflex BIM site

At Ferroflex we work with the BIM methodology, both as an internal work tool and as a collaborative work system with our clients, including architects, construction companies, engineering companies, project managers, and more.

This enhances communication and collaboration among all involved parties.

The use of BIM provides us greater precision and quality as it allows us to design and manufacture more precise and detailed high-speed doors and industrial doors.

Additionally, it is a crucial decision-making tool, enabling us to visualize and simulate 3D data, helping us identify and resolve issues before the construction phase.

BIM also adds value to our industrial accesses. Through the expertise of our technical and R&D team and the use of specialized software, we can design more sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. It represents a cost savings for our customers.

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