Our own products made to measure.

Comprehensive and personalised service

Open to providing a comprehensive service for industrial doors and smart accesses.

Adaptation and design

Our full range of products includes specific options to meet all types of requirements: from separating spaces in industrial units and warehouses to ensuring their air-tightness or facilitating indoor access. We adapt to your needs with honesty, willingness to serve and flexibility

Manufacturing and guidance

Top-quality materials in the manufacture of all our doors, and a team of qualified professionals to ensure perfect installation and operation. We have a philosophy of closeness to all our customers, allowing us to establish common objectives.

Open to customisation

We know how important it is to be able to adapt every product to each situation, project or requirement. Therefore, at Ferroflex we are open to customisation, offering industrial accesses made to measure: - Customisable colours and sizes - Screen printing on fabric - Logo placement - Adjustable vision panels

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