Benefits of Ferroflex High-Speed Doors

Beneficios de las puertas rapidas Ferroflex speed doors automatic

In the day-to-day operation of a company, professional and thorough work practices are crucial. It is also essential that tasks are carried out quickly to meet time lines, without losing efficiency.

In factories and industries, Ferroflex high-speed doors improve the transit of goods and people. This optimises the value chain, from manufacturing until product reception by the end customer. It saves time and positively affects all parts involved in the buying and selling process.

For the employees of a company, automating accesses between the different areas of an industrial unit improves the working environment. For example, when moving goods from the warehouse to the truck for transportation, the employee will not have to push any doors, as they will open automatically.

The Best Industrial High-Speed Doors

At Ferroflex we have two beneficial and profitable solutions for every company that wants their facilities to be at the technological forefront:

  • High-speed roll-up doors, installed inside or outside. There are various categories, such as doors designed in aluminium, in steel, for ATEX areas, self-repairing, for automated production lines, for cold rooms, for white rooms, or rolling shutters.
  • High-speed fold-up doors, installed on the outside of an industrial building. Two models stand out here: the reinforced model, and the one designed for shipyards and hangars.

Both products can be designed and customised to the needs of each customer with regards to the space the door occupies and the size of the door.

Ferroflex automatic doors are made from materials of the highest quality. Additionally, when automating both interior and exterior accesses in an industrial unit, the energy efficiency of the building improves, as sudden changes in temperature are avoided. This has a positive effect both for sensitive goods and for employees.

If you want to improve the transit of people and goods at your business, contact us now and we’ll help you.

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