Why is the dock shelter so important in industrial units?

retractable shelter for industrial buildings

The industrial sector is constantly innovating. R&D+i departments are working on achieving the best results, and this can be seen in many industrial aspects and in the buildings housing offices, areas for logistics, and warehouses.

Consumer demand for items and products leads to the endless traffic of trucks on the rounds around the world. These hauliers leave and arrive at industrial units, where they load and unload all kinds of material.

A great help for companies and truck drivers is the presence of retractable shelters in the product collection and delivery zone. Remember that these areas are used intensively, and these shelters help absorb the impact of trucks as they approach the loading dock.

The best shelters for loading docks

The Ferroflex retractable dock shelter is the best way of ensuring the optimum isolation of the goods loading and unloading area from trucks in industrial units.

Its features include its front and rear galvanised metal frame, which are connected by diagonal arms so that it can fold back on itself if any pressure is applied to it, before returning to its natural position as soon as the pressure is released.

Also worth noting is that its front side is made of flexible black PVC with nylon reinforcements on the inside, and the side locks are identified by a yellow stripe to help drivers connect their trucks correctly to the lifting platforms.

This shelter prevents the entry of any type of outdoor contamination, such as fumes or smells, and ensures there are no sudden temperature changes or strong, uncomfortable draughts.

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