The best ramps for loading docks on industrial premises

rampas para muelles de carga naves industriales ferroflex nave

The loading and unloading of material on industrial premises is one of the main aspects for any company for whom logistics is an everyday task.

When a lorry arrives at the warehouse or logistics centre where the company has stock to be distributed countrywide, it must manoeuvre so as to be as close as possible to the building where it is going to load and unload materials and products.

In order to facilitate this complex work for hauliers, it is recommended that the company have loading dock ramps. They are the solution to reduce the distance between the loading docks and the unloading vehicle's boxes, as well as to bridge the existing height differences between them.

Ferroflex’s ramp for loading docks facilitates loading in any type of factory: logistics, laboratories, food, textiles, chemicals, steelmaking, cars, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Loading dock ramp customisation and safety

These solutions are manufactured according to the requirements of each company and client and can be used to bridge differences in level during the movement of goods. To achieve this, each case is studied and a solution is designed so that different loads and lifts can be logistically moved as quickly and practically as possible.

Hence, safety is a very important issue. In order to prevent slipping, the base has an embossed sheet and a folding lip which facilitates lorry access. Its structure is able to resist up to 15 tonnes of weight in dynamic loads and 18 tonnes in static loads.

It works using a hydraulic system which is controlled by an electronic device. This ensures that Ferroflex’s loading dock ramps are practical and easy to use, being the best solution for loading and unloading goods.

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