In an industrial unit, how do loading dock ramps facilitate the tasks for the trucks?

ferroflex puertas industriales rampas para muelles de carga

Driving a truck is not easy. This is evidenced by the fact that, in order to drive a truck, the authorities require a licence different from the one needed for cars, motorcycles or vans. Truck drivers are very skilled, since they need to take into account not only the driver's cab, but also the trailer behind, especially when the trailer is being towed by the truck.

When a truck driver arrives to an industrial unit to pick up or deliver goods of any kind, they need to apply extreme care in order to perform the necessary approach to the point where the pallets, boxes or products will be moved. In these cases, loading dock ramps are very helpful. They are an excellent solution, being able to bridge the gap that may exist between the loading dock and the box of the unloading vehicle. Also, it helps to reduce the height difference between them.

Ferroflex loading dock ramps offer great stability for heavy goods, since they can withstand up to fifteen tons for dynamic loads, and eighteen tons for static loads. They are built from the highest quality materials which prevent slippage and facilitate truck access. They are easy to operate, thanks to a hydraulic system controlled by an electronic unit, which can be customised to suit the customer's requirements at any industrial unit.

Loading Dock Hydraulic Ramp

The loading dock ramp combines very well with other elements, such as dock shelters or high-speed roll-up doors. With them, sudden temperature changes in the building are prevented, allowing for a more effective transit of people and goods during the loading and unloading of any type of products, whether in logistics companies, labs, distribution centres, food sector industries, etc.

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