Industrial accesses in factories and industries

High-speed doors installed in automated production lines

The buildings and units of the industrial sector have always been characterised by their large doors and accesses that allow machinery and large objects to pass through. Factories need wide openings and entrances that prevent any obstacle.

Many companies in the sector already have industrial doors in their industrial complexes. This enables employees and operators to move freely around the factory or warehouse without having to think about touching a handle to open doors.

Many employees have been extremely grateful for this during the current health crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased safety measures, and intelligent accesses have been the best hygienic solution for business owners and employees.

Industrial doors are equipped with very advanced technology that guarantees high levels of safety and functionality. They are also of great aesthetic value in all the access systems. These are the best intelligent accesses for the industrial sector:

  • High-speed roll-up doors: These can be implemented on automated production lines, in cold storage rooms, in ATEX zones, in clean rooms, in interior areas, or on refrigerated trucks, among others. They can be designed in steel or aluminium.
  • High-speed fold-up doors: Designed for large exterior openings. Without a doubt, these accesses are the ideal solution for locations with a large flow of pedestrians and moving machinery.

As well as these intelligent accesses, Ferroflex designs, manufactures and installs these systems that offer great results in the industrial sector.

  • Slat curtains: This is considered the cheapest closing system and the one that requires least maintenance. It can be installed in areas with great humidity and at low temperatures.
  • Loading dock shelter: Designed to make it easier to insulate the industrial unit in good loading and unloading areas. It prevents the entry of contaminating fumes, avoids temperature losses, and protects from air currents that could damage the goods.

Industrial accesses

As well as these products, another series of elements must be considered, such as rolling shuttersramps for loading docks or hydraulic lift tables.

Ferroflex work to improve the quality of life of employees in the industrial sector on a day-to-day basis and during difficult times such as the present. We can achieve this by pulling together.




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