High-Speed Doors Safety

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For any company, one of the most important values is safety. It is essential that workers are not exposed to incidental damages during their working hours. This issue must also be taken into account with regards to products, machinery, and goods present in the workplace.

In this task for achieving safety, the accesses to the building, which includes workshops, production centres, warehouses and all the spaces where the day-to-day life of a company develops, play an important role. High-speed Ferroflex doors are a proven safeguard against possible incidents, impacts or entrapment when people and goods go in and out of the work area.

Industrial doors facilitate smooth transit without neglecting safety. All this is achieved thanks to their high-technology features, compliant with European directives, since high-speed Ferroflex doors are manufactured under the most stringent continental requirements. All their accrediting certifications are made by approved laboratories in accordance with the applicable regulations. Also, once the door has been installed, Ferroflex maintenance team is at the service of the customer in case any incident or fault arises that requires repairs or spare parts.

How to Install a High-Speed Door

Ferroflex has an extensive catalogue of high-speed doors for warehouses, industrial units and all types of industrial premises. These include fold-up and roll-up doors, manufactured with the best materials, and to the dimensions requested by each customer, depending on the location. This customisation increases the safety of the building, since it avoids future problems, such as the deterioration of the building walls or the door.

If you want to install one or several high-speed doors in your company, contact us now and we will work towards improving the safety of the employees and of the whole company.

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