High-speed roll-up doors for cold-storage rooms in the food industry

Puerta enrollable camara de frio ferroflex

One of the key areas for warehouses in the food industry are cold-storage rooms. This is where the employees of companies engaged in the wholesale trade of meat, fruit, vegetables, fish and all sorts of perishable foods store their products so they don’t deteriorate. Low temperatures ensure the foodstuffs stay in good condition and can be stored until they are distributed to restaurants, pubs, markets, supermarkets and department stores.

The constantly low temperature in cold-storage rooms preserves the cold chain when, for example, a supplier delivers frozen products.

It is important for this type of chamber to be fitted with automated access points to prevent anyone from accidentally leaving a manual door open and causing a sudden temperature change that could lead to food spoilage.

The automatic opening and closing provided by a Ferroflex high-speed roll-up door is ideal for cold-storage rooms as it incorporates a dual safety measure.

They are designed and manufactured both for installation in cold-storage rooms, at temperatures down to 0 °C, and to compartmentalise freezer rooms, which can reach temperatures of -25 °C. Their main features include:

  • Do not accumulate layers of ice.
  • High-strength polyester canvas that prevents heat transfer.
  • Energy-saving, reduce energy losses when opening and closing the cold-storage door.
  • Fully adaptable to all kinds of project, both large and small scale.

Industrial door with warning lights and sounds

As these doors are automatic, we can set their opening and close speed whenever someone approaches or moves away from the photocells.

This is complemented by warning lights and sounds which can be set up with the software to alert us to any given situation. Is your company dedicated to the wholesale trade of food products? Contact us now and we will advise you on the best solutions in automatic doors without obligations.

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