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Ferroflex launches a new door for production lines onto the market

Ferroflex empresa nueva puerta para lineas produccion industria

Ferroflex launches a new product line onto the market, designed for automated production lines. This new model, which has been designed to protect operators in automated industrial installations whilst offering high-performance characteristics, has a high level of efficiency and safety which is perfectly adapted to the needs of any industrial production line.

It also facilitates a high opening and closing speed which guarantees a minimum cycle time, ensuring high performance and reliability. In terms of safety, this new door protects operators involved in automated processes thanks to its special fabrics which offer resistance to welding splatter, cuts or impact from parts resulting from errors in the automation process.

Ferroflex’s new doors for automated production lines meet all of the conditions required by the EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 EN 62061 standards, and include a category 4 magnetic detector. Also, this new model allows the incorporation of detectors of any brand that complies with these standards.

With a capacity for intensive use up to five cycles per minute and minimal maintenance requirements, this new door stands out as one of the most competitive units on the market in its category.

It also has fast connections in all of its elements and easy access to the motor. In order to facilitate seeing inside the line and depending on the position of the door, transparent vision panels with ultraviolet protection can be incorporated. The side attachment plates have a special ream for easier fabric replacement without the need to dismantle the shaft.

The design of this new Ferroflex product permits connection with the PLC that controls the process of the automated line, which perfectly facilitates the integration of the model in the production line itself.

With the launch of this new door, Ferroflex continues to expand its range of industrial doors designed to improve safety and efficiency in the sector.

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