Complete guide to choose high-speed roll-up doors for industrial environments

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At Ferroflex we are experts in the manufacture of industrial high-speed roll-up doors and we want to transfer our experience by offering a complete guide exploring everything you need to know about the types of industrial high-speed doors and their selection, from the technical and functional aspects to their maintenance and care. 

The right selection of the high-speed roll-up door for industrial environments is a crucial factor in optimizing operational efficiency and providing safety in industrial facilities by facilitating unimpeded movement of machinery.

For this reason, below you will find useful information to help you make the right purchase decision and ensure the success of your company's industrial space management.

Factors to consider when choosing high-speed roll-up doors


To choose the operation that best suits your company's needs, some aspects such as available space, frequency of use, safety, design and maintenance must be taken into account. The most common operation is:

  • Industrial high-speed doors with vertical opening: they roll upwards and are stored in a drum on top of the door frame. Common in companies of any sector, supermarkets, logistic warehouses, car dealerships, parking lots, etc.

In addition to the aspects already mentioned, it is also important to know the ultimate purpose of the doors. Below you will find different types of doors, depending on whether you are looking for more security with steel doors, preservation in cold and freezing chambers, or doors to ensure tightness and withstand air pressure, with reinforced aluminum.


The choice of the right materials according to the industrial environment will be of great importance to choose the right industrial high-speed roll-up door to fit the specific needs due to its direct impact on the performance, durability, strength and operational efficiency of the doors in industrial environments.


  • Safety for the industrial environment.

  • Opening and closing speed.

  • Customization of industrial high-speed doors.

  • Ease of installation.

Types of high-speed roll-up doors and their applications

Here are some examples of the most common industrial doors on the market:

We have previously mentioned only 3 of them, but you can find other types of high-speed roll-up doors with different functionality and performance to choose the ones that best suit the needs of your company.

Advantages of high-speed roll-up doors in industrial environments

These roll-up doors for industrial environments have demonstrated agility and speed in opening, conditions that make them the preferred choice for areas where the pace of work is high and safety is important.

Their speed in opening and closing makes them ideal for separating production and storage areas. This dynamism effectively reduces heat leakage, a key factor in optimizing energy resources. In addition, they minimize noise transfer between areas and keep dust from adjacent production environments at bay. The smooth surface in this design makes them easy to clean and prevents the formation of dust-collecting pockets. In addition to being easy to install, high-speed roll-up doors are simple to maintain, making them a practical and efficient choice for industrial environments.

Maintenance and care of industrial high-speed roll-up doors

The maintenance service for rolling doors is a key factor for the safety of employees and customers, as it allows us to create a more comfortable working environment for employees due to the better functionality that a good maintenance provides and because it helps to reduce energy consumption, prevent possible failures and ensures maximum durability of the equipment.

At Ferroflex we are an approved multi-brand supplier, and we offer the necessary maintenance to ensure that high-speed doors and industrial accesses comply with safety requirements and current regulations. In our service, we perform periodic inspections, cleaning and lubrication to ensure its operation; we make the necessary adjustments and calibrations to ensure proper closing and opening and the safety of people and goods.

If you are thinking of installing a roll-up door for an industrial environment but still have doubts, contact us so that our team of professionals can advise you and design your customized door for an impeccable operation.

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