The Importance of Compartmentalising Industrial Spaces

La importancia de la sectorizacion en los espacios industriales

Industrial units, as well as other types of large work areas, require that their different sections are correctly distributed, in order to facilitate the day-to-day activities of their employees. When architects design premises, they take into account how to make the most of the space, in order to maximise the possibilities of the company that will carry out their activities there in the future.

Compartmentalising building areas is paramount in order to facilitate the transit of people and goods, as well as to contribute to a fast evacuation of the premises, and to prevent flames and smoke from spreading in the event of a fire.

Ferroflex high-speed doors make an important contribution to compartmentalising areas in an industrial unit. Since they are automatic, they can all be activated remotely, at the same time, preventing a door from remaining open or closed; this can happen when doors are manually controlled.

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Ferroflex offers an extensive catalogue of industrial doors characterised, amongst other things, by their high-quality, reliable and long-lasting materials. Furthermore, all products manufactured by the company improve the energy efficiency of the buildings where they are installed, since they help maintain the indoor temperature and, therefore, generate climate-control savings. Featured products:

It is important to take into account that high-speed areas help compartmentalise both the inside and the outside areas of a building. With them, we achieve effective and safe accesses with efficient transit. Also, every Ferroflex door is unique, thanks to a customisation process that can improve both the aesthetics and the functionality of the door. We work together with our customers to print the company logo or any other motif on the canvas, or to install one or several vision panels in the desired location.

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