Improve your parking efficiency with high-speed doors

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With the increase in vehicle mobility restrictions in favor of pedestrian traffic, the need for drivers to park their cars or motorcycles due to the difficulty of finding parking is also increasing. The current situation is that there are more spaces dedicated to pedestrians and fewer spaces dedicated to drivers. 

This is why parking companies, hotels, hospitals, etc. have to think about parking efficiency and offer a differential service that improves the user experience.


The self-repairing high-speed roll-up door designed for parking lots is an innovative, modern and unique solution, as it is specially designed to be installed at the entrances to control vehicle access and egress. 

This type of high-speed door is the best access option for parking lots, as it is a silent door, which reduces disturbance to neighbors, guarantees a high level of water-tightness and high wind resistance, making it one of the most competitive doors on the market. 

In addition, it provides a high level of vehicle safety due to the self-repairing lateral zipper system, since in case of small impacts, the canvas comes out of the guides in order to avoid breakage. When the door is raised, this zipper is reinserted into the guide, allowing its normal use.


The car parks high-speed door consists of two side profiles that guide the flexible curtain, which opens vertically by rolling up on the upper part of the door on a drum that rotates thanks to the action of a geared motor that exerts force on a shaft that allows the direction of the maneuver to be changed instantly. When the closing is activated, the door descends thanks to the internal weight of the motor and the curtain, the latter being guided along its path by the side rack, thus ensuring the door's watertightness. 

As mentioned above, in the event of an impact, the curtain comes out of the guide and is restored to normal operation. And, in case of emergency, the motor has a brake release system to open or close in manual mode.

The door allows the motor to be configured as a side or front type. In addition, the speed and frequency can be varied to ensure smooth openings and closings and to avoid possible shocks and malfunctions.


  • Saving on maintenance is one of the main advantages of the car parks high-speed door. These doors have only one annual maintenance, being the maximum two, as opposed to the iron doors that have from 8 to 12 maintenances per year. In addition, Ferroflex is in charge of distributing all the components of the doors, which translates into a great speed when replacing a part. 

  • Self-repairing function in case of small impacts that will make the door operative again without the need for costly repairs. This system, in addition, makes that the amount of repairs are much smaller than those required by an iron door.  But, in case of needing a repair, Ferroflex will provide it in a more agile way, because we also manufacture the canvas ourselves. 

  • Reduced noise impact resulting in less disturbance to neighbors. This advantage is a crucial aspect in residential areas, as there are many complaints about the sound of the traditional door. 

  • High level of security and resistance thanks to the security photocells and reinforced canvas. The photocells will make the door react and open when it detects any car, person or object. And thanks to the reinforced canvas, a long durability in time is guaranteed, because it has high resistance to wind, rain and other factors that could deteriorate the door.

  • More speed that will provide a shorter waiting time and a smoother access thanks to the speed of opening of the fast roll-up door.

  • Thanks to the design and manufacture of the roll-up parking door and the materials used, it is one of the most innovative products and brings a high level of modernity to the parking lot. 

  • The emergency release system allows the door to be lifted manually in case of any unforeseen event using a chain system.

  • Possibility of connecting to the company's management system.


High-speed parking doors have become the best solution compared to traditional accesses which, as we have seen, require greater maintenance and expenditure of economic resources and time.  

Not only that, these doors have demonstrated a clear impact on vehicle safety, as they are less incidental than traditional doors. By rolling up at the top of the door, in addition to taking up less space, they prevent the door from falling on vehicles or even people. In addition, the self-repairing system prevents the door from deteriorating over time and leading to failures in the mechanism that could result in the aforementioned door falling. 

High-speed doors for parking lots have also proven to have a significant impact on the user experience, as they are faster doors that improve the efficiency and flow of vehicles in these spaces. This is of great importance if public parking traffic is to be pleasant, since no one likes the arduous task of parking and we all want to park as quickly as possible. 

If you want to improve your parking accesses by incorporating the best fast door in the market and maximize the user experience, contact now with the professional team of Ferroflex.

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