Which are the best high-speed roll-up doors?

what are the best high-speed roll-up doors

Although most people only think about sliding models when we discuss automatic doors, there is also a very popular product used in, among others, the industrial sector. Of course we are talking about high-speed roll-up doors.

Besides industrial warehouses, this type of access if often seen in hospitals, logistical centres and shopping centres.

In most cases the doors feature characteristics such as an adjustable waiting time, a fireproof and self-extinguishing canvas, an optional viewing panel, a range of fabric colours and safety photocells.

Their opening can be set to meet the customer’s needs. For example, they can be activated using a remote control, with an infrared sensor, a push button, a handle or a magnetic sensor.

Operation of high-speed roll-up doors

There are various types but here we shall concentrate on three of the most popular models which provide excellent results for a wide range of users and buildings. They all have a similar mode of operation although their purpose may vary:

  • Vertical opening: This is a good option for accesses with a high circulation of people, machinery and vehicles, such as industrial buildings, warehouses or loading docks. It is worth highlighting that their reduced size and excellent air-tightness means they maintain temperature differences and can be used to compartmentalise industrial warehouses.
  • For cold and frozen storage: Roll-up doors are the perfect option for businesses that need to maintain areas cold for the storage of fresh or frozen products. The roll-up door for cold rooms is designed to compartmentalise areas with ambient conditions of down to –30 °C.
  • Aluminium: Ferroflex designed this model to provide a high degree of air-tightness and support high pressures. The high-quality industrial doors ensure excellent reliability.

The material and drive unit used in this type of product are crucial, especially the ring gear and drive shaft. Furthermore, expert advice about high-speed roll-up doors is essential during the purchasing process to guide customers to the best option for their business.

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