Benefits of roll-up doors in the Industry

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Roll-up doors are presented as the most effective solution in an industrial environment. 

Industrial parks are work areas with high traffic of people, vehicles and goods, and the need for quick maneuvers, in addition to being a safe environment that facilitates the work of employees so that synergies are correct and high levels of efficiency are achieved. Therefore, it requires the abandonment of the obsolete traditional steel door in favor of the efficient roll-up door. 

Roll-up doors offer such advantages benefits as cost reduction, energy savings and efficiency and a noticeable impact on the company's productivity and logistics, which translates into the achievement of competitive advantages. We will talk about all of this below.

Cost reduction with roll-up doors

Roll-up doors are the most widely used solution in the industry and one of the main reasons is the cost reduction that comes with their installation in your company. This cost reduction is achieved by: 

  • First of all, roll-up doors are known for their opening and closing speed. This feature is particularly crucial in industrial environments where time is a valuable resource. The fast response of these doors facilitates the continuous flow of people, vehicles and goods in and out of a space, helping you to be more efficient in day-to-day operations. So, in situations where frequent access is required or large volumes of cargo are handled, the opening and closing speed of roll-up doors can make a significant difference in overall productivity.

  • Secondly, durability and strength are a strong suit of roll-up doors. They have a longer service life than the traditional door, which translates into long-term cost savings by not having to replace them as often as other types of doors. Also, they are usually built with strong and durable materials, such as galvanized steel or aluminum, which are materials capable of withstanding adverse conditions, such as weather changes, impacts and daily wear and tear.

  • Third, roll-up doors have reduced maintenance as a result of the second reason stated here, durability and strength. In addition, their simple design consisting of a series of slats that wrap around a shaft means that there is less wear and tear on materials and, therefore, less cost associated with the care and repair of the door. And, what is a greater incentive if possible, is that the maintenance they require is 1 or 2 times a year maximum and very inexpensive. A very big difference with the traditional door.

Energy efficiency and savings with roll-up doors

Nowadays, meeting environmental sustainability obligations is an important task for companies and something that can even become a competitive advantage. Well, roll-up doors provide high energy efficiency thanks to the thermal insulation achieved with them, their hermetic sealing and the aforementioned speed of opening and closing. 

Thus, the thermal insulation they offer, thanks to manufacturing materials such as galvanized steel or aluminum, helps maintain a constant temperature inside industrial facilities, reducing heat loss in winter and preventing excessive heat from entering in summer. This minimizes the need for frequent heating or cooling systems, contributing to energy efficiency.

The roll-up doors are designed to close with an airtight seal to prevent air leakage. This helps maintain the interior temperature by preventing unwanted drafts, which is especially relevant in industrial environments where precise temperature control is required for specific processes, to ensure optimal storage conditions or to ensure a good working environment for employees.

Finally, the aforementioned speed of opening and closing of roll-up doors, which is essential in industrial environments, is favorable for energy efficiency. Fast opening reduces the exposure of the interior to adverse weather conditions, minimizes temperature loss in winter or heat gain in summer and helps to maintain a controlled environment.

Impact on productivity and logistics

The industrial environment is governed by productivity and the impact it has on the efficiency of companies in terms of the use of resources. Higher productivity allows you to produce a greater quantity of products with the same resources or to produce the same quantity but with fewer resources. To achieve this, it is necessary to streamline manufacturing, warehousing and logistics operations in the industrial environment. This is easily achieved through the use of roll-up doors that ensure speed in operations, unobstructed space and efficient flow management to improve the company's logistics. 

As we have mentioned repeatedly in this blog, roll-up doors ensure a greater flow of people and goods and reduce waiting times, which is especially favorable in loading and unloading areas.

In addition, the doors roll up vertically on themselves ensuring an unobstructed space when open. This facilitates unobstructed access for workers and vehicles, improving mobility and making maneuvering easier. 

Roll-up doors also allow the option of automation, giving precise control of operations without the need for manual intervention and directly affecting the productivity of the industrial environment.

Uses of roll-up doors

The roll-up doors shown below are examples of industrial doors that meet the above benefits. Each one is designed to perform a different function from the others and operate in different conditions and spaces. 

  • Fast door for cold storage up to -30º designed to sectorize areas with extreme atmospheric conditions where the maximum temperature difference is 25ºC (e.g. -25ºC inside, 0ºC outside) and with a maximum humidity in the environment of 30%. Its development guarantees the good functioning of the door in areas with freezing chambers and reduces the formation of frost.

  • Reinforced aluminum high-speed roll-up door designed to increase water tightness and offer a high quality finish. It has an aesthetic finish ideal for sectors where, apart from the functionality of the product, image and aesthetics are a determining factor for their manufacturing lines, such as the food sector.

  • A high-speed parking gate designed specifically for installation in the driveways of parking lots and garages, allowing control of vehicle access or egress. It has a design that improves the efficiency and safety of the door, a low maintenance motor and a self-repairing canvas.

  • High-speed roll-up door for ATEX zones that allows to sectorize explosive atmospheres up to type II 2G dedicated to the handling of flammable gasses, vapors or combustible dust. 

  • High-speed roll-up door for automated production lines designed to be installed in automated production lines and processes. Its high opening and closing speed ensures minimum cycle time offering high performance, reliability and most importantly, a safety barrier for operators working on the production line.

  • High-speed door for clean rooms designed to offer high tightness in environments where maximum hygiene and maximum hermeticity are required.

To ensure that companies are competitive in the sector, the Ferroflex R+D+i team is constantly working to improve the offer of roll-up doors that guarantee a correct operation of the industry and that the performance of the roll-up doors is always correct. This is why we care about providing the best service with our own manufacturing of the door, customized solutions and giving the maintenance that allows the promised efficiency. 

If you want to add the benefits of roll-up doors to your industrial environment, contact the Ferroflex team and start being efficient in your efforts.

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