Automatic Doors in Agri-Food Industry

high-speed doors agri-food industry

High-speed doors are essential elements in the industrial sector. Thousands of companies all around the world have warehouses and industrial plants that require access automation to offer a more comfortable working life for employees and providers.

In the industry, it is paramount to have automatic doors which are designed and manufactured with the best materials and the fastest and safest opening systems. One of the most important industries is the agri-food sector.

This is true not only because of the cold storage rooms that keep the products at the appropriate temperature to maintain the cold chain and ensure they are in perfect condition for consumption. Which is without a doubt a key factor, but also the presence of other intelligent and automatic access systems is crucial.

  • High-speed roll-up doors: Here, it is important to highlight the great range of possibilities this kind of product offers. For example, whether they are manufactured in aluminium or steel, if they are self-repairing units, or used for automated production lines, etc.
  • High-speed roll-up door for cold storage rooms: They help the agri- food industry to compartmentalise areas with atmospheric conditions up to -30 ºC. This guarantees optimum operation even in areas with high transit of people and vehicles.
  • Roll-up doors for clean rooms: In the food industry, it is always important to provide a correct compartmentalisation in closed spaces, such as food-handling areas, where it is necessary to maintain special environmental and hygiene conditions.
  • Fold-up doors: An excellent solution for outdoor areas in agri-food industrial units, since they provide high wind resistance.


When talking about these types of doors, it is interesting to mention other products, such as different access controls, slat curtains, pedestrian swing doors or the loading dock ramp and shelter. Optimum solutions offered by Ferroflex

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